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RO+TDS contolrer is good or RO+Alkaline water is good?

RO+UV+TDS controler means RO water will be mixed in Raw water to increase the minerals in the water.Means you are mixing bilseri water with borewell water and drinking. Non sense!
RO+UV+ Alkaline benifits are below.
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We introduced Very New And first Time in INDIA Antioxidant Alkaline Water Products like Alkaline Filters, Alkaline Stick, Alkaline Jug, Alkaline bottles, Alkaline flask etc. which increasing PH and minerals in drinking Water.
This all products are made from natural mineral stones. Considering the each ceramic ball of effect, produced by the most ideal blending, molding and firing a various bio ceramic powders made with natural stones.
Bio Ceramics used are,
1) Mineral Ceramic Ball                           2) Tourmaline Ceramic Ball
3) Super Ceramic FIR Ball                      4) Negative ion ORP Ceramic Ball
5) Remove Chlorine Ceramic Ball          6) Alkaline Ceramic Ball
Human being born with blood ph 7-35-7.46 (Healthy Blood) As we grow up, we drink, we breathe and eat too much acidic food, beverages, pollution and even acidic water, no mineral water, This acidic wastes build up it’s the cause of aging, cancer, diabetes, hypertensions and many other diseases, We can neutralize and clean our body after drinking Anti Oxidant Alkaline Water regularly. So now a days, we need more Alkaline mineral water against acidic foods, acid, air pollution and stream.
This information is very important for you and your life. We are surrounded by water from all sides but we can’t drink all water. It is very essential to know your drinking water. Our body contains 80% of blood. The Water which we drink dissolves in our blood and runs through our whole body.
In today’s world everyone has become health conscious. Each and every house must be having a water purifier to get good drinking water, BUT
In Drinking water we must know about the facts.
1) TDS - Total Dissolved Solids.                      2). PH - Potential hydrogen
3) ORP - Oxidation Reduction Potential                   4)  MINERALS
6) NMR - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
1) TDS is very important factor to measure impurities and minerals in water such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, Lack of any one such mineral may cause diseases.
2) PH Our Purified water or any mineral water has to be minimum PH of 7.4 Our body has to balance 7.4 PH in order to remain active but when we consume acidic foods like fast foods, spicy and oily foods including cold drinks and acidic water our body faces fatigue because it tries to maintain 7.4 PH balance.
3) ORP is needed to reduce rust, ROT, fermentation and decay in, the body to maintain health and youth, our drinking water should have an ORP between - 150mv to 350mv in order to neutralize excess acid that harm our body. Do you know what ORP, purifier, and mineral bottle water +100 to 200mv Alkaline water ORP range between - 150 to 400mv.
4) Mineral Like Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+, and ions presents in Anti Oxidant Alkaline Water that can be absorbed 100% in human body & also required to help the metabolism,
5) NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Analysis that tap water and well water consists of clusters of 10 to 13 H2O molecules, Alkaline Water reduces these clusters to about half their normal size -5 to 6 water molecules per clusters. The NMR Signal that measures cluster size by line width at half-amplitude shows 65 Hz for Alkaline water and 133 Hz for tap water, revealing that the Alkaline water clusters are approximately half the size of tap and purified water clusters. This is why Alkaline Water quickly permeates the body and blocks the oxidation of biological molecules by donating its abundant electrons to active oxygen, which can cause diseases. So this was the information about good quality drinking water, even then we are drinking acidic water whereas we should drink only.
Antioxidant Alkaline water for better health.
Rounded Rectangle:     PH METER                                   

                  0               ACIDIC            7           ALKALINE          14

PH in human blood should be between 7.35-7.74 and if PH falls below 7.35 PH we are immune to acidosis which is the main cause for all diseases. What  ever we drink mixes with the blood and acquires the PH level of water. Thus when PH of water is more than 7.74 PH ie 8.5 PH to 9.5 PH we are drinking Anti Oxidant Alkaline water.
1. Weak Alkaline water, as we know the pH in healthy blood is about 7.35-7.45. but since we smoke, drink, eat too much acid-based food, lower the blood pH Level. so the Alkaline water can adjust the acid and Alkaline condition in our body.
2. Our Anti oxidant Alkaline Filter/Stick/Jug can make a lot of small molecule they can go into the cell easily and take away the metabolic waste in the cell and make it in as a clean and health state.
3.  Alkaline water can generate an anti-oxidant potential, it can remove the surplus free radical, as we know, the aging is mainly caused by oxidation. our cell and organ are oxidized and their functions are being weaker and weaker, so we will get old and feeble.
*       Prevents Reproduction of germs and virus.
*       Produces large quantities of hydrogen and oxygen.
*       Provides more energy and increases metabolism.
*       Removes all types of toxins from our body.
*       Cooling food by alkaline water retains minerals and taste of the food.
*       Making tea or coffee with alkaline water the acids in it are destroyed, Hence no acidity.
*       Anti-Aging Effects
*       Powerful Anti-Oxidants & De-toxifier
*       Increases Metabolism
*       Restores pH Balance In Body
*       Improves Immune System
*       Smaller Water Cluster Size.
*       Supplies Essential Minerals (Ca, Mg, K, Na)
*       Reduces Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Level
*       Neutralizes Acidic Wastes & Uric Acids
*       Improves Blood Circulation
*       It is useful for treatment of diseases like obesity, psoriasis, arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, ulcer, migraine, asthma and even cancer.
         According to Dr. Otta Warberg who is noble prize winner for              discovering cause of cancer.
“ No disease can exist in an alkaline environment”
          Thus this water is also called Miracle water, medical water, magic water and Slimming water Today many people have started drinking green tea as an Anti Oxidant tea.
          In Japan this type of water has been used by hospitals over 30 yrs. and is recognized as a medical instrument. This water boosts our Immune system making us less susceptible to illness.
It’s your best choice for fighting illness, aging, obesity and more.
Drinking frequency and the method of Anti Oxidant Alkaline Water FOR-MAN
1) Can prevent from drunk when drink before wine, and lighten the harm of alcohol when get up in the morning.
2) For the dry cough and Phlegmatic in the morning caused by smoking : 300 MI in the morning and all day 2000ML
3) There will be a bvious melioration of the extra fat in the belly as take this water 3000ML every day and for 2 to 3 months.
FOR WOMAN : (1) It can sculpt the body as drink this water 3000ML every day and lose about 1500gram of weight in 30 days. (2) Discharging the toxin for beauty 800ML after getting up and for 2000ML daily, the toxin can be discharged in a month, the acne and spots will fade gradually.
FOR CHILD : (1) Meliorate the Monophobia, loss of appetite and Malnutrition in 2 to 3 days by drinking 1500ML every day. (2) Meliorate the lack of concentration and sleepy inability in one to two weeks by drinking 1500ML every day.
Please experience stadily for those of weak or bad body condition
1. Gastrointestinal System Bloating, overabundance acid, loss of appetite : 500ML each morning and evening, daily 2000ML, 3 days or so.
Constipation : early morning drinking 800ML fasting. daily 2000ML, it is meliorate obviously for mild symptoms person in 3-10 days.
2. Heart, Brain and Vascular System : High blood lipids, blood viscosity, and high blood pressure : early morning 500ML daily 3000ML Arteriosclerosis, stroke complications : Early morning drinking 500 ML fasting, daily 2000ML, in 3 Months it is improved.
3. Endocrine, urinary system : Diabetes and its complications : Early morning 800 ML, Bedtime 500ML, daily 3000ML for three months it is improved Renal acidosis : A small amount of slow-drink there is a gradual improvement in about two weeks.
Gall bladder, kidney stone disease : 3000ML daily, whether the inflammation eases in 2 months ? it is badly crushed stone to exclude rather than hard as a stone.  
Gout rheumatism, rheumatoid joint pain : 2000 ML daily for 1-2 months. whether the pain eased bviously.
4. Bronchial Asthma : Each 500ML morning and evening. daily 2000ML for 3 days or so
Remark : 1. The above is just a reference, not a substitute for drug use.
2. As intial drinking this water, An eczema or diarrhea may occur, this only a temporary phenomenon, they usually. disappear in the day.