Monday, 22 July 2013

Can you save water while using RO water purifier?

Many RO water purifiers rejects the water up to 75%.
Means If you need 1 Ltr pure water reject water will be 1.5 Ltr to 2 Ltr depends upon the water quality.
Looking at water scarcity and Zero B had launched latest Eco RO.
Which rejects only 20% water and helps you to save 80% rejected water.
Kent Supreme is one more product but it will not reduce the rejected water but it helps you to store the rejected water.
at Paanimart we recommend the Zero B eco Ro to save more water.
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ECO Ro water purifier from Zero B
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Monday, 15 July 2013

Which is the Best RO water purifiers for home in India?

Which is the best RO water purifier in India?
Based on the water hardness and input quality of the water we advise our customer to buy best suitable RO water purifiers for their home?
If the TDS level of the water is less than 300 they can buy any of these RO water purifier.
Best  RO Water Purifiers for <300 TDS
  1. 1)      Essel Nasaka  Minjet 12 stage water purifier.
  2. 2)      Zero B Eco RO
  3. 3)      Essel Nasaka 10 stage RO water purifier.
  4. 4)      Aquguard Reviva NF
  5. 5)      Kent Pride water purifier

Best RO Water purifiers for >300 TDS and <2000 TDS
  1. 1)      Essel Nasaka Minjet 12 stage RO water purifier.
  2. 2)      Essel Nasaka Minjet 11 stage RO water purifier.
  3. 3)      OWN RO water purifier
  4. 4)      Aquaguard Total Protect Plus
  5. 5)      Aquaguard Genius
  6. 6)      Kent Grand Plus
  7. 7)      Livpure RO water purifier.
Why we have ranked Essel Nasaka Minjet 12 stage as No 1?
Because this is the only RO water purfier which is having 5 stages of purification before RO Membrane!
With Anti sclalant and Magnetic softener helps increase the life of the RO Membrane!
It also adds minerals to water to maintain the PH value of the water.

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